At last I’m back ,sipping a cup of smoked tea while the Guinness Cake is cooling on the rack and Fall is advancing here in Provence . I was  ten days in London , three of which for the Food Blogger Connect , the annual meeting for food-bloggers in Europe ( but with people coming from all-over the world) .
It was my first time at the FBC and I must say it is very very well organised : all the time you had some interesting lesson to attend or workshops , all the day long you had a cup of coffee or tea and amazing food for breakfast , lunch , afternoon tea and supper . I attended two workshops : the first was held by Dianne Jacobs , a fantastic food-writer  and a wonderful ,caring person also . The  second ,about  food photograpy, was with Ellen Silverman who had the patience to have a look at all of our blogs to give us her advice and suggestions ( for me was : keep it simple and use something to filter the light ).
I met people….that’s the purpose . I can’t remenber all ,but I finally met Sandra , which I knew only by the net , it was magical to see her even if only for a short time . And Giulia , Regula,Rossella,Rossella ( yes I know, same name but two different persons , I love them ) Carla,Sally,Sarka , Marika, and Bethany who’s the mind behind all this .

Why did I go there ? Why did I began to write this blog ? I suppose that’s all about finding my voice .
Something has been lost along the way . Life hasn’t been much kind . But today I can write a new chapter . So long . Have a good night ,you all . And a better day .