Wonderful cauliflowers
Coloured Swiss Chard

After visiting Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market next Saturday we went to Pimlico Market ,you can find all informations here . It isn’t a big one but it is great : you can find anything you need ,from fruits and vegetables to really fresh fish ,poultry ,eggs ,cheese , bread, flowers . Some people says that markets are expensive : yes , it seems so . But you don’t need to buy enormous quantities of food :just buy what you need and when you have best quality you’ll need less . As the food is so fresh it will last longer , so if you planify your weekly menus maybe you’ll spare some money at the end.Surely you’ll feel better. When we go shopping in a supermarket we normally buy much more than what we may need , and a lot of “trash food” sometimes .Last but not least : buying directly from producers is a ” political” act , doing so we’ll help all these people who works very hard for a sustainable agricolture .I won’t talk further about quality : photos I shot are much worthier than words.

Fresh mushrooms


Smoked poultry