I love chocolate. Dark Chocolate.And I love to make light desserts: after a nice meal dessert should be like an evanescent cloud just passing by, leaving a sweet memory .Some years ago I bought a book on agar-agar : I won’t mention the author ,as I soon realised that she did not tested the recipes .But I found a new ingredient ,very interesting for its healthy properties so I searched for a milligram scale and began to test. Almost all the recipes containing agar-agar will tell you :a coffee spoon etc….but if you want be sure of results better to use a scale . One day I found here the recipe of a chocolate jelly and I immediately tried it . This was 3 years ago and this dessert has become one of my best-seller has a personal chef . Yes, I re-made the recipe to suit my taste , I tried differents proportions of agar-agar and this is the final result of all my experimentations . With a dessert like this you can indulge !And you can keep it some days in the fridge ,covered . Very useful when you have guests !

Ingredients for 6 big servings or 12 small ones 

200 gr of dark chocolate 70%
500 ml of  fresh milk
A  pinch of  fleur de sel
A  pinch of grounded ginger
2 ,2 gr  of agar-agar
200 gr of sugar,200 ml of water  and 8 tonka beansa for the syrup or a spoonof  chopped fresh ginger
Cut the chocolate in small pieces, put all the otheringredients in a sauce pan  and bring to boil  , pay attention whenmilkc omes to boil you’ll have to stirfor a minute . Then  turn off the fireand  pour the chocolate into the mixture .Wait  3/4   minutes and then you can mix it well till all the chocolate is dissolved . Pour in the silicon moulds  ( or in cups )and then in the fridge to cool . For the syrup: bring to boil water,sugar and the tonka beans( or the ginger )and let cook slowly till the syrupthickens  and begin to make  bubbles You can taste it  for consistence , it should not be too liquid . Use the syrupto garnish the jelly
If you’d like  to make  also the white chocolate jelly you can use the samerecipe but  instead than 2,2 gr of agar-agar you’ll use  2,4gr (seems like nothing but it makes a difference) though if you want make the two it’s better to divide the dose  in two  so  200 ml of milk ,50 ml of cream, 1,1 gr of agar-agar and 100 gr of dark chocolate . For the white one  1,2 gr of agar-agar.