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Why an Italian Cookery School in Provence? Because I’m Italian ,of course. Because our culinary    culture is so wide and extraordinary that I could say we don’t need anything else. But there’s another reason : I’m very passionate about ancient recipes so it was by studying them that I found deep links between Italian and Provençal Cooking. So profound that some recipes are similar, though in Italy we probably have a more refined art to get amazing food with very simple ingredients.
I developed a way of cooking that has its roots in history while it’s quite contemporary and healthy.
You won’t learn recipes. You’ll learn how to make hand-made pasta, pizza and  bread  with no need of complicated machines. You’ll learn how to cook a risotto like a Venitian. We’ll forage in the nature of Luberon and prepare surprising recipes from the wild, and go to visit some young producers: people who work hard to preserve and keep  alive this beatiful land.You’ll go back home with acquired skills and a new vision on food.