The Cookery School in Provence

The kitchen at the school: very Provençal.

Why an Italian Cookery School in Provence? Because I’m Italian ,of course. Because our culinary    culture is so wide and extraordinary that I could say we don’t need anything else. But there’s another reason : I’m very passionate about ancient recipes so it was by studying them that I found deep links between Italian and Provençal Cooking. So profound that some recipes are similar, though in Italy we probably have a more refined art to get amazing food with very simple ingredients.
I developed a way of cooking that has its roots in history while it’s quite contemporary and healthy.
You won’t learn recipes. You’ll learn how to make hand-made pasta, pizza and  bread  with no need of complicated machines. You’ll learn how to cook a risotto like a Venitian. We’ll forage in the nature of Luberon and prepare surprising recipes from the wild, and go to visit some young producers: people who work hard to preserve and keep  alive this beatiful land.You’ll go back home with acquired skills and a new vision on food.
Classes are available year round by reservation
Cooking class with market tour —9:00am – 14:30pm
private class
— 250 euros for a party of 1, 165 euros per person for a group of 2 – 3
group class
— 125 euros per person up to 6 participants —  105 euros per person when more than 6 participants

Cooking class only —10:00am – 2:30pm or 5:00pm – 10:00pm
private class
—220 euros for a party of 1, 145 euros per person for a group of 2 – 3
— 115 euros per person, up to 6 participants — 95 euros  per person when more than 6 participants

Market tour and cooking class program is conceived for guests visiting the Luberon. The program includes a market tour, hands-on cooking class and four-course lunch. A complimentary wine tasting  is paired with the menu. We meet in the morning to explore the local market where we’ll choose the ingredients for the cooking class.
The menu is seasonal and market-inspired and highlights the wonderful products of the region. We’ll put our hands on and prepare lunch together while having a glass of wine, then we’ll sit down and enjoy the  lunch we made.

If you’re interested send me an e-mail at and I’ll be glad to answer you with full  details.

I’m looking forward to meet you.


Home-made bread and pasta, some cheese and mellons….what else?


A simple Lunch in October
Home-made tagliatelle and a Venitian aperitif


The garden on springtime

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